Permanent hair removal through the use of laser will be explained in this guide.

Definition of laser hair removal.

Using laser light as a mode for removing unwanted body hair is laser hair removal. Laser heats up the hair follicles and renders them inactive through the heat emitted by pulsating lights. Body hair in the different parts of the body can be removes with multiple sessions of laser treatment. Check for the laser hair removal cost here.

These are the preparations when you undergo laser hair removal.

 The first step to laser hair removal is consultation. The consultation prior to laser hair removal is done by an experienced dermatologist.

 Your medical history and skin assessment must be done before you can undergo the laser hair removal treatment. Full knowledge of the procedure including the risks and benefits of laser hair removal must be explained to you. Laser hair removal requires you to stop taking certain medications, apart from that, your complexion must be in tis natural color before undergoing the procedure. Shaving the treatment area two to three days prior is a must do before the laser hair removal procedure is undertaken. There must be short and visible hair in the area to be treated so that laser hair treatment becomes effective.

 The process of laser hair removal.

 Heating and rendering the hair follicles inactive through the use of lasers was the primary function of laser hair removal treatment as previously explained. Multiple treatments are necessary to effectively remove hair because although a single treatment affects a large number of hair, the varying degrees of hair length and growth must be considered. The cause why multiple hair removal sessions are warranted is that they affect only hairs in stages of active growth. Learn more about laser hair treatment at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/laser-hair-removal/.

 During your laser hair removal session, a hand held laser will be pressed by the Doctor to your skin and activate the beam light for a fraction of a second so that hair follicles are heated. There is some degree of skin damage when laser treatment is used extensively although the procedure is safe and effective and some hand held lasers have been fitted with devices to cool the skin.

 Once hair is removed though laser treatment, will it grow back?

Hair growth can no longer be supported when the hair follicle is damaged through laser hair removal treatment. The follicles are unable to regenerate and hair will stop growing. The skin is not left open and will not create holes after the procedure. After hair is removed from the damaged hair follicles, the surrounding skin will close and a soft surface is left where the hair once grew. Once the whole process is complete, hair will no longer be able to grow back.


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